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The mists of morning
shower the leaves
and hardened pavement
with the patient wisdom
of inescapable time.
Forces that come and go today
have before and will again
mark this earth
with the passionate striving
of plants to sun,
people to meaning,
waters to descent and root;
to the longer cycles
of creation and destiny
the rock of my humanness yields,
powerful currents parting
around the face of my desire,
gathering again behind me
into the flowing future
of a life stream
I surrender in
to understand.


with the confidence of autumn,
the seed of my abundance roots
beneath the rain and snow,
beneath the leaves and branches
of what has left me,
safe now to aspire
in the cold dark knowing
of my own place
in the greenness.


Stranger to the Beloved

Entering the sheer
and delicate beauty
of her hypnotic
creases of judgment
fall from my face
to the pile
of discarded
at the foot
of her bed,
in the dance of light
behind her eyes
and the healing darkness
within her embrace
of this long
to the beloved.