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Who will carry
the weight of the forest
when all the trees are gone,
the branches once laden
with winter darkness
and heavy rain;
who will make the music
of the river
or tell the stories
of stones
face up
in melted snow;
the weight, the music,
the stories so old and quiet,
there is no other like the land;
her once ardent lover
must awaken,
to dance once more
within her arms
and learn again
to carry
the weight.

The Great Silence

We search in darkness
at the gates of mystery,
touching to release
the flow of life;
moved by the hunger
for freedom and feeling
we touch the hidden places
until the gates release
and the river flows,
roaring in our ears,
gasping for breath,
arching together
upon the river,
breaking through
the final gate
into the great silence.


Out over the tarred rooftops,
past the busted facade
of the corner tavern,
the cobbled chimneys
and worn out billboards,
a hawk glides
arcing in the high winds,
reminding me to reach,
and let the hunger